Logging on to Google

How to login into Google (and Google Classroom)

1.         Open up the Chrome Browser (it MUST be Chrome).

2.         In the upper right corner you will see a box that says Sign In (see below)


            (if you don’t see the sign in box, click on the 9-dot grid and then click on Account)

3.        Click on the box and enter your email address (which is your Student ID and @shsd151.org - EXAMPLE: 1234@shsd151.org)

4.         Enter your password and you are now logged into Google.

5.         To the left of the Sign In box, there is a 9-dot grid (see above).  Click on it.

6.        Scroll through the list and you will see Classroom.  Click on it and in the upper right you will see a plus sign.  Click on it and then click on Join Class.

7.         Enter the class code that your teacher will send to you and you are in.

8.         Do that for each class that you have.