Pre-School for All

At-Risk Pre-Kindergarten and Early Childhood Parent Involvement Program

School District 151 will continue to provide opportunities for families to be involved in the educational programming of their children.  All children who qualify for the Taft Pre-School For All Program receive a daily half-day program free of charge.  Bus service is available for Pre-K students at the regular designated service stops for all Taft students.

The goals of the Parental Involvement Program are:

  1. To form a supportive climate for families to learn about and share feelings concerning their children.
  2. To aid parents in understanding their feelings so that they may develop greater competence in dealing with their children.
  3. To provide means for developing parent knowledge in specific skill areas of child development.  

In order to achieve these goals, parents with children in the Pre-School For All and Early Childhood Programs are expected to participate in at least five (5) meetings/activities during the school year.  The meetings/activities will include, but are not limited to:  Open House, parent/teacher conferences, classroom visits/observations, workshops on special interest, such as, Discipline and Behavior Management, Speech and Language Development, Nutrition and Building Self Esteem.

Research indicates that students of parents involved in their learning show significant gains/success in their school performance.  Research also shows that effective communication between the home and school ultimately brings great benefits to the child.  Therefore, parent involvement becomes a necessity to ensure school success for your children.

Pre-school For All and Early Childhood Screening 

The dates for screenings are to be determined for 3 & 4 year old children.  For further information, please call Taft School, (708) 339-2710.