Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

Welcome to South Holland School District 151 Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety Page

South Holland School District 151 takes the safety and security of students and staff extremely serious. Technology is part of our lives at an alarming rate of improvement, design, change, and affordability.  Programs, equipment, and social media are readily available to our students.  Keeping our most precious assets, your children, safe online is extremely critical.  At all ages and grade levels, we talk with students about how to keep themselves and each other safe in a quickly changing cyber world.  We trust you also continue to discuss with your children exactly how to stay safe and use the internet, social media, and smartphones in a responsible manner. Continuing our partnership, we need to expect children to tell you and/or a responsible adult if they see or hear of inappropriate material being shared through the internet along social media platforms or texting.  It is important for students to know that getting involved in sharing inappropriate material has serious and legal consequences.