Buildings and Grounds

The Maintenance Department of South Holland School District 151 plays a vital role in the district’s Mission Statement, “.  .  . nurturing environment”.  In addition to overseeing the maintenance and repair of the school’s facilities, we work to make sure that our students and staff members are safe.  This is achieved by internal audits of our safety systems and making necessary repairs as needed.  To control the quality of the work we handle all small construction projects which not only ensures safety but saves on vendor costs.

We make sure that we maintain all of our facilities; meet the challenges to satisfy our mission requirements; employ creative management strategies; utilize teamwork and provide continuous improvements.  We work hard to provide the highest quality of customer service.

In addition to overseeing the Building and Grounds Department, our Facilities and Safety Coordinator manages all of the emergency drills and provides training to the Crisis Management Team.  Our goal is to make sure that we are prepared for any emergency or crisis that could present itself as a threat to our district.  Protecting our children and staff members is our number one priority and we will continue to work together to make sure that we are all safe in well-maintained buildings.   

Mr. Phillip Neal
Facilities and Safety Coordinator
Mr. Nicholas Goetz
Maint. Tech
Demetric Grayer
Maint. Tech
Mr. Frank Rubalcava
Maint. Tech
Angelito Mangahis
Mr. Michael Goetz
Maintenance Supervisor