Remote Learning/Homework

Grade Level: ENCORE

Coolidge Middle School Remote-Learning

Week of: April 27-May 1

 Teacher Office Hours: 

9:00am - 11:30am & 12:30pm – 3:00pm

*Please go to Microsoft Teams to Access All Assignments Listed Below*

Learning Activities

Required “Must Do”

Enrichment “May Do”


Boys P.E.

Mr. Baranski

Mr. Lemon

Mr. Hawkins

All assignment are on TEAMS

6th Grade:

 Read and answer questions on Sports Packet 5: The Kentucky Derby, Chad Knaus: Crew Chief, Shaun White, Futsal, and Elephant Polo.


7th Grade:

 Read and answer questions on Sports Packet 9: Gymnastics, Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking, Taekwondo, Skeet Shooting, and Sidewalk Surfing.


8th Grade:

Read and answer questions on Sports Packet 1: Icing on the Cake, Alpine Skiing, Plan Ahead, Don’t gamble with you, What is Cricket?, Extreme Ironing and Other, Paintball, and To skate or not to skate


Enrichment: Aquaman, Hulk, and Captain America Workouts


Girls P.E.

Mr. Satcher

Mrs. Dean

All Grade Levels


Your assignment this week is broken down into two segments:

Part 1 - Flipgrid Assignment:  View the yoga videos that are attached on Flipgrid. Choose a video to do a 30-Minute yoga practice each day.


Part 2 - Word Document Assignment:

 Reflect: Open up a Word document and answer the following questions. Upload then submit the document in Teams.

 How did you feel before your yoga practice?

  1. What worries were you focused on that day?
  2. How did you feel doing the exercise? After?
  3. How does your breathing feel now?
  4. Do you notice a difference in your posture?
  5. Do you notice a difference in your mood?

 Enrichment: All Grade Levels

 There are workout videos and fitness activities in Teams and on my webpage.



Ms. Jendrzejak

Please go to Microsoft Teams to find all assignments and needed documents.

6th Grade:

  • Weather versus Climate Venn Diagram
  • Biome Basics Packet
  • Weekly Weather Observation

7th Grade:

  • Water Cycle PowerPoint
  • Weekly Weather Observation


8th Grade:

  • WeatherSTEM Lesson: Measuring Wind
  • Wind Direction and Speed Video Assignment
  • Weekly Weather Observation

All Grade Levels:

      WeatherBug Bell Work

  •  Find Bell Work form in

            Microsoft Teams

  •  Pick a set time each

             day to record

             weather parameters

             from our weather

             station on the

             provided bell work

             form. Please

             reference the time

             in the class period



8th Grade Only:

  • Build an anemmeter
  • Build a weather vane


Culinary Math

Ms. Gargola

All Grade Levels

  • Measuring Terms – Fill in the Blank
  • Writing Prompt 3 – Foods you can Cook
  • How Much Pizza? - Math

All Grade Levels

Recipe – Flourless Peanutbutter Cookies


Mrs. Gary

Go to Microsoft TEAMS for specific directions on how to complete assignments and due dates.                

Grade 6-8 RtI

                     Read Theory Website

    Go to

           Log in with your new account

     Email me for your

                 username and password

Complete a 20 -minute diagnostic test and then complete 1 reading comprehension and

1 writing lesson everyday (Monday-Friday).

                         Grade 6-8 RtI

            Go to 

                 Username: RTI6-8

                 Password: rti@151

  Complete any assignment or activity.

            Email your finished work



                  “Into the Book”

           Focus: Reading Strategies




Mr. Smiley

  • Click on the link:

Click on your grade level and follow the instructions for the Third Assignment


You will find the Enrichment link underneath the Third Assignment link.



Ms. Zega

 All Grade Levels:

  • Please read and complete the assignment “Graffiti Names”.

The assignment and directions are on my district web page and in Teams.


All Grade Levels:

Check out:

For drawing tips and techniques.



Mr. Sedlacek

All Grade Levels:

Find and complete the “Time Signature” assignment in Teams.

You will need to answer in your Class Notebook also in Teams.  That will be found in the Class Notebook tab at the top of the screen.  If you have not used this yet you will need to “setup” your notebook before you can use it.

Look at the following site and see how many different ways you can create a piece of music through visuals.

A link to this can be found on Mr. Sedlacek’s Page.



Mr. Moody

Ms. Crowder

 151 Band Program


  • Rhythm Sheet #2 (clap out rhythm)



  • Rhythm Sheet #2 (clap out rhythm)
  • Chromatic Scale (play up and down the scale)

*Instructions left in

Review over songs

*Caribbean Swing

*Rock Point 5

*Free Fall

*Everything for a Risk

*Arch of Triumph