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Multimedia Club – Tuesdays from 10/27/20 until 5/11/21

Sponsor - Mr. Smiley

Students will be designing multimedia projects using the following programs:

Pixton – 5 to 6 weeks

This is a comic strip creator which we will use to explore various topics on health, the environment, government, science, etc.  Students will design their characters, backgrounds, and dialog.  I already have a subscription for this school year.

CoSpaces – 5 to 6 weeks

This is an application (free for up to 30 spaces) that will allow students to create virtual exhibitions, 360˚ immersive virtual tours, the ability to design and program their own game, conduct experiments in 3D, and create interactive stories.  This program will model the 4C’s of 21st Century skills (creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication).

WeVideo – 5 to 6 weeks

This is a video creation tool that will allow students to collaborate on projects across multiple platforms and devices. Students can make videos, recordings, GIF’s, podcasts, and memes. This program will permit students to make authentic creations, empower their voices, and allow for deeper learning of their world.  It is compatible with Google Classroom. This is free to use.

OpenShot Video Editor – 5 to 6 weeks

This is a FREE, cross platform video editing software app that allows students to trim their videos, add animations, layers, video effects, and sound!  They can also use it to do slow motion and time lapse manipulation.

We will use Google Sites to design a website for posting our creations as well as posting them on the Coolidge web page.



If you would like to sign your student up for Multimedia Club, please email me at: psmiley@shsd151.org.

You can also call me and leave a voicemail at the following phone number: (708) 789-9352

Make sure to include the name of your student in the email!