CSWAP Code of Ethics

As a member of CSWAP I will:

1.  Respect my fellow CSWAP members, teachers, and administrators

2.  Listen carefully to fellow CSWAP member’s opinions

3.  Adhere to Coolidge school rules while a member of CSWAP

4.  Attend and participate in all meetings unless unable to attend due to sickness or emergency

5.  Refer any complaints or issues through the proper chain of command

6.  As a CSWAP member I understand I am held in a higher regard

7.  I will display positive behaviors worthy of being a CSWAP member at all times

8.  I will not demean anyone in or outside of CSWAP meetings


Mission & Vision Statements

Our mission is to empower young men to think differently, to dream bigger, and to achieve more.

Our vision is to provide an after school activity that supports the core academic curriculum in each grade level, while reinforcing life skills needed to succeed in our global society.

The overall objective of the program is to develop leaders who are motivated to chart a successful course in school and in life.  Thus, to be successful in this program, it will become your obligation and your duty to make progress in all of your classes.  You will participate in activities designed to develop personal and social responsibility, critical thinking and problem solving, plus leadership and global awareness.  You will learn about and practice teamwork in virtually everything you do.