Special Services Director

Director of Special Education Services

Welcome back South Holland School District 151 students, parents, and community stake holders!

As one of your new district administrators, I am very proud to have opportunity to be part of the District’s commitment to initiate and sustain a platform for excellence in teaching and learning. 

I fundamentally believe in the importance of all students, teachers, staff members, parents, and community stakeholders to be active partners in student success factor and work together to set the tone and pathway to current and future successes. I believe that all students can learn! Being a student centered environment, we are committed to meeting the unique individualized needs of all students. The time to maximize our full potential is now. This belief is significant to my leadership philosophy and my daily practice as a reflective and responsible instructional leader of educators who are dedicated to providing students with the academic and life skills needed to maximize their intellectual potential. As we expose students to a multitude of relevant experiences, students will learn that through hard work, persistence and determination they can achieve any goal and overcome any obstacle; thus, it is my goal and commitment to ensure that every student is ready and prepared to compete in our global society.   

It is my sincere desire that as students matriculate from SHSD 151 they are filled with memories of events that have shaped and molded them into the individuals they are destined to become; individuals who embrace each day with a yearning to learn; individuals prepared for secondary education; individuals who know each teacher acts as a collective whole to transfer knowledge and skill sets  that empower them to be quality critical thinkers; contributors in a global society, and individuals who pursue their dreams with a vengeance and the confidence of knowing that they have the power and academic acumen to achieve all things. 

South Holland School District 151 are collectively endeavor to use real-time data to inform the delivery and purpose of academic curriculum, differentiating the instruction, and assessments that are aligned with learning standards and scaffold towards improved academic achievement and performance.  I am excited to foster an atmosphere within our internal learning community where life-long learners, teachers and students alike, come daily and engage in the learning experience filled with values, content knowledge, thinking skills and classroom experiences necessary to have a viable learning institute which produces young adults who can compete in post-secondary options and re-invest in our external learning community. 

 It is the right time to be at District 151.  Whether you are a returning member or one who is new, you are invited to become part of a powerful movement. You are part of South Holland, a great school district, and together we will be the catalyst for the systemic reform and change we want to see in our schools, communities, and global society.


Stephanie Jones, PhD

Director of Special Education Services